Friday, April 19, 2013

Japanese Braid Extensions

Today I thought I would post about my extensions.

(This post is all my experience and opinion about this)

My hair is fairly thinned out because of past bleaching and damage... So I get braid extensions to make it thicker and sometimes even a bit longer. I really love these type of extensions, it works best for me. Clips seem to give me headaches. I go about every two months to replace them because I take good care of them. It cost me about 8,300 yen. And they have many colors and there is not charge for a specific length. They will even will straighten or curl my hair after for me for free.

What is braid extensions?;

This is a braid extension, they literally braid them into your hair

Do They Come out?
 I never had one come out I can brush and do everything as usual. But surprisingly to remove yourself is not very difficult. ( random thing to Note, of course you shed hair everyday like a normal human being and this shedding hair stays in the braid some people think that the braids made them loose hair when it may have not. )

Do They Hurt or Damage my hair?
Honestly, for me it doesn't hurt at all, it does not bother me the least bit and usually I am very fragile.  I can sleep fine, I braid my hair for when sleeping though just to prevent from tangling. As for damaging your hair they shouldn't because they are simply braided and tied into your hair.

How Do I care for my Extensions?

I admit I love tsubaki, it works amazingly for me. I use there spa shampoo and shinning conditioner. ALSO; after conditioner I use this Shinning conditioner treatment it is amazing I will just leave it while showering and rinse it when finishing. If nothing else it makes my hair effortlessly tangle-less when I brush through it after the shower. Also I use the Deep conditioner in the picture above once a week. Keeping your extensions from being dry is important for having nice hair... even someone with long hair has to care for the ends of there hair. I also use a heat protect-ant spray before ironing and when possible I try not to use an iron or hairspray, Moose seem to be better for my hair then using hairspray. Also I do not wash the ends of my hair and I try to avoid over washing my hair.

That is all, Here is me getting my extensions 

Myself recently (:

Any more Questions? Feel free to ask me.

Thank you for reading!!

Have a lovely day.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Braid Kitty Ears video Tutorial

I made a video on a hair style I recently use a lot !
You can make it your own; curl or straighten your hair, what works best for you.

Here is a photo I took recently with this style 
Thanks for reading and watching!
have a lovely day!