Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Baby Choux Base: Sweet Recipe Mint Review

Today I will be posting another Review, This time about  Etude House Sweet recipe baby Choux Base, #01 Mint SPF25, PA++

I chose to buy the Mint (green colored) one because my skin is very light and tents to get pink very easily. I have been looking for a product I can use for light make up that will shield against my pinkish under tone. In Japan I could not find the Mint version so I ordered it online.

the cute box

here it is on my hand so you can see its pigment

 I have been using it for a little over a month and I love it, as you can tell there is a lot of product I haven't had to buy a new one yet and i use it every time I do my make up. On the down side its actually a little bit too pigmented to the point I kinda have no color at all in my skin so I mix it with a brightening primer for the perfect tone. Also it is easy to just apply powder over it and go with a more natural make up look. My skin is fairly dry and this keeps it moisturized. I use to have a problem where at the end of the day some of my skin would seem to dry up under my make up. Also I had to use a thick BB cream or foundation to get a flawless skin look. If you have a yellow skin tone this product should just make you paler if its what your looking for.


great packaging
good pigment
corrects the pink in my skin
feels good on skin
smells like lotion
comes with a spoon ! (very sanitary)
SPF 25


the green color is a little bit strong..
only a little bit of pore coverage

Overall Rating;

My overall rating for it would be a four because of the fact the green is very strong so I still have to use a little powder or add some brightener (but this is just for me)

Now Natural look is possible!

I would definitely suggest this product to people who want paler skin and/or to auto correct pink in there skin.

Where did I buy it?

I bought it off ebay but it seems that seller isn't selling it anymore but here is the link for the search; here

Here is Etude Houses English site

Hope this was helpful, Thank you for reading!


  1. OMG!! you look beautiful without make up!, sound interesting i could buy that too! <3

  2. I've always found it interesting how the green colour corrects pinks, but I've never tried using any form of green concealer or makeup base.
    Does it only correct all the pink in the skin or would you be able to use it to cover up smaller blemishes and that sort of thing too?
    Also do you think it would be okay with people with slightly oilier skin?

    1. yes I have heard of people using it for just blemishes also if i have small problem it covers it. Also I think it would be fine for slightly oiler skin, just start with a clean face or mix it with primer.

  3. I'm glad to have found this blog ^-^
    You're perfect! ♥o♥

    And thanks for the review ♪

    Following you~

  4. There's etude house in Laforet too! :-)

    1. yes~ I know also at yokohama station but Japan doesnt carry green thats why I bought it online >< ! I like etude house a lot (: