Monday, July 29, 2013

Aloha Yokohama (7/28/2013)

Yesterday My Husband and I went to an event called Aloha Yokohama! 
To be honest I think this event would have been better outdoors but still I enjoyed yesterday a lot. We decided to walk since it was lovely weather outside.
first we decided to take purikura with kou! because he is so cute and is only a puppy once ><

I love this machine >< its always so cute!
Ferris wheel from cosmos world ><

After taking purikura we went to world porters and we found a Mix Berry there! I was so surprised it brought back memories so we decided to buy some. we tried mango apple, ramline, watermelon, melon, and grape. My favorite was watermelon. My husband and I shared an ice cream so the end result looked a bit funny because we have different preference but it was still fun and tasty.

before toppings (:

our icecream!

 then we went to yamashita park to lay out a mat and relax with kou. I ended up buying a cola and Kou was licking the bottle. He does the cutest things haha. I really can not stop taking pictures of him.

a selfie ^^

then we decided to head towards the aloha Yokohama event. on the way we saw a bike tricks kind of event.. I am unsure what you would call it but it was fun to see. My husband took video

walking to aloha yokohama with kou!

At last we arrived at Aloha yokohama

dancers for the event
the view of yokohama
a Hawaiian beer sample ~ (very strong taste, I am not all that fond of achohol though)

I wanted to eat at the event but all the food was sold out! I had a craving for something at least remotely hawaiian even hamburgers would do so we went to freshness burger. On the way we saw this guy with a carriage lead by a pony.

our hamburgers, to be honest for `fastfood` its pretty good (;
Then we needed to buy new food for kou so we went buy the petshop we bought him at and I saw this monkey sort of animal for sale! for 380,000 Yen! (about 3,800 usd) he was cute and fun to look at though.

 On another note I won the pastel panda I posted about a few posts ago a week after

Anyways that is all for now! I hope you enjoyed!
Have a good day!

Kou facebook page; Here

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