Thursday, December 27, 2012

About Me:

I am Michi. I live in Japan. I am from America, my husband is Japanese. I have been learning Japanese, My Japanese is still not fluent but everyday I improve.
I lived in California most of my life but moved near chicago for about a year before moving to Japan. My Husband and I had love at first sight, sounds cheesy but it`s the truth >.< So I ended up moving to Japan and we married. Japan is like home to me. well it is home ^---^)/
About what I like;
I love japanese style I am sure you have figured that out by now. I often find inspiration from fairy kei, mori, harajuku, and gyaru styles.

My personality is; I always try to do my best to be polite. I don`t curse. I am a bit old fashioned as they would say in America. But I am friendly at the same time I don`t mind to make friends with many sorts of people (: it`s nice.

I have a few dreams, One is to be in a magazine and or commercial.. become a little bit more known. Also, someday I dream to meet kyary pamyu pamyu. Sometimes it is okay to dream big. So I hope everyone has some dreams of there own.

Taken By Lisa (paintwithstars)


Casual Photos:

Of course my husband is a big part of my life ^^

  that`s all for now (:

Other Information
Height: 161 cm
Weight: 51 kg
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: red (ginger)

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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Ueno & akihabara w/ Amanda san

 Ueno, Akihabara, & Yokohama

I met with Amanda on the 21st, she is really sweet and fun to be with.
We first went to a taito in akihabara to use costume for purikura! ^---~)/
actually I should have studied Japanese for this situation because I sounded so funny trying to figure out how to ask to use a costume www. 
TT . TT sorry worker lady.. forgive me.

First, I used a Santa outfit because the first one I picked from the book was kinda o . o not so cute, so I wanted to change it ~ www and Amanda San used some bunny cosplay looking outfit ~ actually the outfit was a bit odd, it had an open back! so we had to use this clip thing she gave us to keep it closed. (When I borrowed a costume in Yokohama Christmas eve the backs weren`t like that, kinda strange?) After taking puri we decided to try maid outfits because we never have and it sounded fun 

I really enjoyed dress up though anyways! 

After akihabara we went to ueno and went to abab and bought matching outfits~ even shoes and socks >< because last time I went to abab I saw some cute platform shoes on sale but I didn't buy it but we found them still there and only \507! and it was lucky because two one light brownish and another pink and it fit us perfect. So of course we bought it ><! I also bought some other small things at the abab that was cute and cheap ^---^)/ I will post photos after the puri
Here is the puri we took ; 


Here is some photos I took at Abab;

I thought this shirt was so funny it was tempting to buy it
``you my dawg, Im crazy for you``

Thank you for Reading Hope you enjoy