Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Make up I mentioned

Canmake キャンメイク; 

1.Glow twin Glow color (its actually eyeshadow but i use it also as highlighter since it works well)キャンメイクグロウツインカラー01
2. there actual Highlighter that I do NOT suggest ><  makes my makeup come off easily and doesn't highlight well
3. Cheek&Cheek キャンメイクチーク&チーク 05

4. Powder in 04 (lightest one) セザンヌUV 
5. liquid eyeliner, brown &black. 
6. Highlight Concealer セザンヌハイライトコンシーラー 

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  1. PLEASE do a more in depth make up tutorial (foundation, eyes, etc) (if you can have the camera closer to your eyes) because the previous one lighting was too bright >.< and we'd love to see it! ^_^ as you are very pretty :)