Friday, December 21, 2012

Udon~ day out + today`s acheivements ^---^)/

finally finished to edit my banner ! yatta! ^---^)/
I feel accomplished. 
Today I took a few pictures one with my small chirstmas tree >< do not laugh at it please~ www
I did make a video today also about the products I really love to use in Japan like for example~
Make up products! I usually do not buy very expensive ones though. The primer I use may be most expensive thing I buy >: I still use american one? smashbox ! I love that primer ! so good.
I need to load the video to the computer and post it ^---^ but I will be sure to do it very soon!

here is the picture with my tree ~

Its a photo taken with ipad so excuse the quality please ~

also I just took some photos of my outfit because I wanted to.

its fun to practice a pose sometimes or you may make funny looking expression or pose in photos often. so dont feel bad ><

I made some clip kitty ears lately I want to add some jewels to it or sparkles but I have not done it yet. 

somehow I can`t seem to turn it (sorry)
Udon~ Day out;

my Husband got off work randomly this week so we went to get myself a bank account then to this place I really loved there Udon and fried foods. I also bought some craft stuffs (:
Bank account stuff is a bit boring so unless someone has a question about it I will skip it ><

Udon !!! I got a huge udon and I added tons of fried stuff to it. 
I actually got wayyy too much fried stuffs..... and my tummy hurt after >; so I don`t suggest over doing it

somehow I am upside down but its me with my udon ^^
OH this is where you can pick what to put in it (fried stuffs)

 sorry I should have put the last photo first about udon. It`s One am so I don`t think I will fix it at the moment >< sorry!

here is some random wall I liked !

seemed like a fun place for picture ><
Well that is all for today! <3 thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day and enjoy the Holidays ! Have fun! Don`t be afraid to be yourself (: My friend once told me maybe people will think oh your not... or you are.. something but it only matters what you think you are and how you feel and to be confident :D Try not to worry too much. Just follow your heart and your dreams. One day at a Time <3

Take care and don`t be afraid to leave (nice;) comments www. <3

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