Friday, March 22, 2013

Trip to Shizuoka (Part1) ~Picture Heavy~

As I had said I would I am now posting the first part of my trip to shizuoka, my husbands home town. There is so many pictures so please bare with me. It is too many to put all into one post ><!! I hope you can enjoy. I really love living in the city Yokohama but to be honest if I had to move to another place in Japan, I would love to live near the rocky water side which has forest right next to it. It is beyond beautiful. It was one of my favorite things about this trip.

we met another cat.
from motorbike I took this picture. www it was lucky
at ito (:
people write there dreams or wishes on here.
shopping buildings

While walking on the pier we saw this
Next we visited a Damn in Shizuoka
Here is of the damn and it`s water
I really love the view from here, it was so pretty
and a Photo of me and my husband while on this trip

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Odawara Castle scenery ~Picture Heavy (on the way to shizuoka)

Last weekend my husband and me went to shizuoka his hometown. We stopped by Odawara castle! It is really pretty and even some cherry blossoms had already bloomed.

random monkey cage there ><
you can go to the top for 400 yen
we saw a cat there!
 That is all for today I will be sure to post the rest of our trip! 
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