Thursday, March 14, 2013

Yokohama Pictures & IceSkating

this post I decided to put some random photos I have of around yokohama for those of you who do not know yokohama well, or live in Japan.

Nissan place
peace boat in Yokohama
yokohama bay
near red brick
near red brick
(close to redbrick house)

Ice skating; It was open at the redbrick house for roughly a month or two, It was really fun. My husband and I rented skates and skated till our feet hurt. Also a kind older man taught us some tricks!

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  1. wow ^.^ Yokohama seems like a really beautiful place :3 I´d love to visit it someday!
    oh I´m super bad at ice skating x3

    1. Yea I love yokohama ~ it is very pretty. Www my husband looked like when Bambi first tries to get up and walk or when Bambi ice skates! Haha it was so funny ~ his legs all far apart and awkward ~ >.< but once you get the hang of it it's so fun (: it's nice to try things ~

  2. I really love looking at your pictures! Keep up the great work Michi :3