Thursday, December 27, 2012

About Me:

I am Michi. I live in Japan. I am from America, my husband is Japanese. I have been learning Japanese, My Japanese is still not fluent but everyday I improve.
I lived in California most of my life but moved near chicago for about a year before moving to Japan. My Husband and I had love at first sight, sounds cheesy but it`s the truth >.< So I ended up moving to Japan and we married. Japan is like home to me. well it is home ^---^)/
About what I like;
I love japanese style I am sure you have figured that out by now. I often find inspiration from fairy kei, mori, harajuku, and gyaru styles.

My personality is; I always try to do my best to be polite. I don`t curse. I am a bit old fashioned as they would say in America. But I am friendly at the same time I don`t mind to make friends with many sorts of people (: it`s nice.

I have a few dreams, One is to be in a magazine and or commercial.. become a little bit more known. Also, someday I dream to meet kyary pamyu pamyu. Sometimes it is okay to dream big. So I hope everyone has some dreams of there own.

Taken By Lisa (paintwithstars)


Casual Photos:

Of course my husband is a big part of my life ^^

  that`s all for now (:

Other Information
Height: 161 cm
Weight: 51 kg
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: red (ginger)

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  1. You should do a hair tutorial for the ringlet curls. Also, I'm really excited that I found your blogs and your youtube channel. I'm also a gyaru and I get made fun of a lot for it. But I adore how cutsie everything here is. Expect a lot of comments because my husband goes to bed early for work and I am a night owl and often I am bored bored bored. ^-^

  2. i think i have fainted from your beauty YOU R SO SO SO BEAUTIFUL.

  3. You are gorgeous girl! i love your style!