Tuesday, December 25, 2012

メリークリスマス! ! Merry Christmas Everyone (12/24)

Merry Christmas Everyone! (^---^)/ 

 メリークリスマス ^^

In Japan Christmas eve is more of the day they Celebrate. 
I went to take purikura with my husband ! It was very crowded and I went to taito because they have outfits you can use for free. I really enjoy using them! www. but because of the busyness (since it`s a big couple day kind of holiday in japan) they only had Santa outfits you could use. It was still very enjoyable! It was a lovely atmosphere.

I convinced my husbad to take puri twice;) once with my normal clothes and another with santa outfit, and here they are;

^it was an extra free photo the machine gave us

my husband decorated this one ><!

this was also an extra we got for free.

  anyways, I did my hair-make for these ^---^)/ took two hours ! phew.

and this photo is just waiting to get the santa outfit (sorry its dark)

we ate crapes at yokohama because it was sale!

We just went around Yokohama and enjoyed the Christmas things like the lights at yamate and a park near it~ also we went to red brick and enjoyed the super crowded German Market o--o!! Felt like the trains late at night so cramped ><

Merry Christmas!!! I`ll post again very soon just wanted to get this up!

Thanks for reading and don't be afraid to comment (:

Have a fun holiday all my lovely readers!!!

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