Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Photoshoot with Lisa at Hama- Rikyu Gardens (paint with stars)

Yesterday I had a photoshoot with Lisa (paintwithstars.blogspot.com)
It went so well. She is such an amazing photographer. Also very kind and enjoyable to take photos with. I really loved it. I brought two extra outfits and we walked around Hama- Rikyu Gardens finding places to take nice photos.

so here I will post some of my favorites, although so many turned out so great;

this is on of my favorites, Lisa had the great idea to throw flower petals

liz lisa dress and earings

Lisa is really amazing she had such great ideas. I highly suggest checking out her blog! here: Paint With Stars. She is very talented I look forward to doing another photoshoot with her hopefully soon! The garden she picked to go to was so pretty. 

Anyways thank you for reading!! 

have a lovely day !


  1. wow.. this is beautiful!! :D great pictures, dear!!

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  2. ♡__♡! I love this photoshoot!
    You look like a doll (´ω`★)

    1. Thank you so Much!! I did another one with her this weekend I can not wait to see the photos >< shes a really great photographer.

  3. I just found you through the gyaru video on yt(◜ܫ◝ )
    You are so cute✿ Your eye make up is very pretty! Suits you very well・゚✧(○´ω `○ )・゚✧

    1. www aw thank you so much, its so cool ><!! I am glad you found me! ^---^)/

  4. your so beautiful like a doll. i think you really like Vanessa, the character in my novel. i reallly surprised