Thursday, February 14, 2013

♥ Valentines ♥ + Val.chocolate tutorial (how to)

As you all Know valentines is very near.

(Scroll down for how to make Valentines Chocolates yourself!)

Since, My husband make a dentist appointment for Valentines!.. We decided to celebrate today.
(we will go straight to dentist after his work ~ and I have four cavities from when i was a foolish teenager): Anyway its ironic right? Its like going to the dentist on Halloween, who does that?? www

back to topic, I decided to make a sponge cake with strawberries in it and choco whip outside ♥ somehow I kept on decorating it.. maybe not my best decorated cake but it was very tasty and I believe it turned out nicely. 

 so that was my cake.
I got the candy hearts from my mom in the mail honestly I do not think they sell them in japan if they do its rare because my husband has never ate them before... 

Second, I decided to make Chocolates because in Japan on valentines girls make chocolates for guys and on white day men usually will return chocolate to them. Thus, my husband agreed to return chocolates to me if I give him some. (chocolates are not so hard to make actually)

How to make special chocolate?;

`get molds or anything that you can make a nice cute chocolate shape out of.
`get sprinkles or whatever you want to put in the chocolate
`get chocolate whatever kind you want in it

1. boil water
2. snap chocolate into pieces in a zip-lock bag or something you can squish it out of
(I do not suggest mixing types of chocolate in the bags)
3. get a bowl and put the boiled water in it
4. put the bag/baggies of chocolate into the bowl and wait for chocolate to melt
5. put sprinkles or anything you want in the molds (before putting melted chocolate!)
6. cut just a small tip off the bag with the melted chocolate and squish chocolate you want in the molds (you can use one kind then another and make it multiple kinds)
7. put in the fridge for about 45 minutes, wait for it to harden 
8. pop chocolates out of the molds


And then your done !! 
you can look online for directions as well if you can`t understand mine, but they turned out very tasty and pretty  ♥ (sorry I did not take photos of every step... baking and cooking all day so it was a bit messy^^' )

Happy Valentines Everyone!! Hope you Enjoy!!

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