Monday, February 4, 2013

visits to Harajuku, Recent Gets there

I went to harajuku a lot lately, I love going to harajuku because its cheap and they have many unique things. So, I always enjoy around there. 
When I went with my good Gyaru friend Shernise chan people kept asking to take our picture and even one cuteee Japanese girl recognized me from tv! I was so shocked. She took a picture with me.. it was really adorable ! 
Shernise chan and I 
we both have cat ears and matching hair bows

Anyway, here is some photos of the shops I took

the well known Candy Stripper

I lovee this shop,' Lost and Found' it has beautiful lace skirts

its a barbie store... the manikins scared me a bit seeing life size barbie is o . o odd

a sticker shop
This is also one of my favorite shops at harajuku

What I bought;
yukata dress from body line~ its so pretty sorry the pics are kinda sad.
Body line ^---^
from one of my favorite shops Romantic Standard

the flowers are earings

hair bow (shernise chan and I got the same)
here is a puri me and shernise chan took one of the days at harajuku

( also with her friend Max!from france:)

Thank you for reading


  1. Harajuku by Night... It's just beautiful ! I hope to see with my own eyes. You're very lucky & a pretty Gals.

    Very nice blog ! XxX

    1. www yea but things close eventually and its hard to take pictures at night so I prefer during the day but the lights are pretty ^^

      aw thank you! hopefully you can see it also someday! I will probably go again this week~ so I will try to take more pictures >< sometimes I forget

      anyway thank you for reading!!

  2. I love your blog Michi!! <3 You're getting really good at this ^-^ Also I like your banner it's super cute!! Keep up the great work and I look forward to seeing more of your entries! Maybe one day I'll get to be in another one of your entries <3

    <3 YOU!

  3. i like the yukata dress!! so pretty!

    1. thank you! it works well for me because regular yukatas are made for a straight figures, so I have to stuff mine a lot >< I am wearing this dress in the recent post about yokohama fireworks (: I love this type of design *---*