Friday, February 15, 2013

Coming of Age Day , 成人の日

Hello lovely readers,

Sorry this post is late. Better late then Never >.^

Today I will post about the Coming of age Ceremony (成人の日 Seijin no Hi )  that was on January, 14, 2013 also later about the snow . Basically, Coming of age Ceremony is a Celebration for Japanese residences ( I believe something like residence? since I am not Japanese but I was invited possibly since I am married... ) Anyways, it is for Celebrating `coming of age` turning Twenty Years old, becoming an adult in Japan. In Japan you must be 20 to drink and as my Husband has told me when you are twenty in Japan it is when your considered an adult. It was snowing when I went to the Ceremony and many girls wore Kimono to Celebrate. They plan it by where you live, I live in Yokohama so I went to the designated place for Yokohama residences, as to someone living in Tokyo would go to the one in Tokyo. Thus, I went alone ~ so I didn't wear a Kimono. Everyone went to a big auditorium and sat (picture below) so many girls were wearing white fur collars on there shoulder as you can see. to be honest the ceremony.. to put it nicely it was a bit boring many girls just talked (feel bad for speakers ><) but it was nice to see it and have the experience. Most of all I enjoyed watching all the beautiful girls in Kimonos. so cute >< ( I should have tried to take pictures of them)

sorry about the quality (iphone picture ><)
many people!

going back to the train station
trains stopped because of the snow .. snow and trains not a fun mix
who doesn't make a snow man in the snow ? (;
Japanese snowmen have two balls, American has three ><
ice that built up on my patio
I bought a purikura book on this day at Loft ^^

The snow was so heavy that day, at night I had a snowball fight with my husband and www the snowballs kinda hurt because they are so heavy from all the water ~ I call it slushy snow o . o that is why Japanese carry umbrellas in the snow. Imagine raining slushy >< you would get drenched without an umbrella. Sorry I did not get more pictures ~ it was very cold that day ! By the way, if you are in Tokyo when it is snowing o . o try to avoid the trains they are a bit crazy during snow.

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoy.

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