Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Ales Wig review

Today I am going to be posting a review about a pony tail wig I got a few months ago at Ales Wigs in harajuku.

I like to use this wig when I want very full hair that also stays styled. It is usually windy in japan. so, it works well for those windy days. Even though it is a pony tail wig I often use it to add volume to my hair by loosening the strap and putting it sort of like a half wig, but just place it within my hair.

Here are some photos I took yesterday with it as a pony tail wig and also a few random other times I used it for volume.

for volume
for volume also

there is two of these, one on the top and bottom to secure it to your head

To sum it up...

easy to use
adds volume
blends well with my hair (and color)
very pretty
little styling necessary
pretty comfortable
adds length

every once in a while after or before using you must fix the curls with some water.. wig spray and wig brush (doesn't take much effort though and its normal for a wig)

my personal Rating;
If I were to rate this wig I would say it`s a five for me because it does its  job well (: and that is what counts. also, its quality is good.

Ales Wigs Website; alesshop.com
The wig I am wearing  Here



  1. wow looks really good! ^o^
    I thought you´d wear extensions, because sadly most wigs look a bit obvious ;_; but this one seems to be very good :)

    1. yea! Thank you! if you play with your hair enough you can also hide it so that no one can really tell unless you tell them.

  2. I'm really surprised that it looks so good when you just clip it in your hair almost like extensions! I never thought of trying that with pony tail wigs~
    It looks very pretty on you!

    1. I got the idea from half wigs but I didn't want to cover all my hair >< it is really useful! I would love to see how others use pony tail wigs like this also (:

      thank you very much !! ><! and thank you for reading! :D I am glad you found it interesting

    2. From the looks of your pictures as well the wig is really good quality! I couldn't tell it wasn't natural at all!!
      To be honest it seems expensive but it looks like it's worth it~ ♥

  3. OMG look so so so so natural!, really i think is your hair!! nice!

    1. haha Thank you so much! I like natural sort of doll look (: so, I am glad it seems natural!

  4. Oh my you are so pretty .The hair looks so good on you just like Barbie .
    Hope you blog more gorgeous .

  5. Such a nice post. Thanks for sharing. You are looking so nice wearing this wigs.I also use wigs of different style to look more beautiful and always buy them from online store Elevate Styles because they have huge collection of good quality stylish wigs.

  6. You look absolutely stunning *-*

    The wig isn't even noticeable,it's awesome,I will keep an eye of it if I shall visit Harajuku :3


    1. Yes it's a good shop I buy a lot of hair products from them ^__^ like purple dye (: it's worth taking a look at I found one recently in Yokohama so I think they maybe have a few more in Japan as well (:

    2. By the way thank you!! So nice ^^