Thursday, August 22, 2013

Watermelon & Cookie Cutters

 A perfect summer snack, Watermelon. Today I thought I would try cutting watermelon with the cookie cutters and make it cute. My watermelon was a bit soft so it was difficult but I still had fun cutting out a few shapes. I would suggest trying it if strong enough watermelon because then it is fairly simple.


You Will Need:

Cookie cutters



I picked some smaller cookie cutters because my watermelon is so watery so it would fall apart with bigger cutters.
All you do is cut your watermelon anyway you feel will be easiest to have a somewhat smooth surface to work with. I just cut some 1/4 th slices. Then you use your cookie cutters!

That is about all, you can even just make a few and add it to your meal making it look cute and exciting. I cut one for my lunch to spoil myself with a cuter dish. 

 Later turned the other half of the watermelon into a bowl. Then cut some regular bite size squares of watermelon, put them in the watermelon bowl and then my cute cut watermelons on the top. It looks nice and it wasn't too terribly hard.

I also gave some to my puppy Kou

Thank you for reading! Have a good Summer!

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