Thursday, August 22, 2013

Watermelon & Cookie Cutters

 A perfect summer snack, Watermelon. Today I thought I would try cutting watermelon with the cookie cutters and make it cute. My watermelon was a bit soft so it was difficult but I still had fun cutting out a few shapes. I would suggest trying it if strong enough watermelon because then it is fairly simple.


You Will Need:

Cookie cutters



I picked some smaller cookie cutters because my watermelon is so watery so it would fall apart with bigger cutters.
All you do is cut your watermelon anyway you feel will be easiest to have a somewhat smooth surface to work with. I just cut some 1/4 th slices. Then you use your cookie cutters!

That is about all, you can even just make a few and add it to your meal making it look cute and exciting. I cut one for my lunch to spoil myself with a cuter dish. 

 Later turned the other half of the watermelon into a bowl. Then cut some regular bite size squares of watermelon, put them in the watermelon bowl and then my cute cut watermelons on the top. It looks nice and it wasn't too terribly hard.

I also gave some to my puppy Kou

Thank you for reading! Have a good Summer!

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( Mikuni Yokohama ミクニ ヨコハマ ) One year of marriage Anniversary Dinner

this was a flier I saw on the table! haha
For those of you who do not know I am married since August 21, 2012. Which made today our first year anniversary!  My Husband surprised me and took me to Mikuni Yokohama. It is a really lovely restaurant on the 29th floor of `Sky Yokohama`. From this high up of course it has a nice view as well.

This post will mostly be pictures ^^

Here is three courses ( I forgot to take a picture of the first dish >< forgive me so I will list the rest of them ) My husband ordered the meat course I ordered the fish one ^^

1. fish course
1. meat course
2. Main dish, fish course

2. Main dish, meat course (pork option)
3. Desert, Fish Course . Blueberry cake, fruit and lychee ice cream
3. Dessert, Meat Course, pineapple icecream
the sugar for the coffee (you could also choose tea)
The Restaurant!
the entrance of the restaurant !
The view ! (:
I really enjoyed having dinner there, and the staff is so friendly, they even took our picture for us. The food was also very tasty! Anyways here are some photos of me and some with my husband as well! (: I made the dress I was wearing! (sewing)

I also trimmed my hair today >.< I really needed to!

I hope you enjoyed my brief post, do not be afraid to comment,

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have a lovely day!!!!