Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Update & Yokohama fireworks (June 9th)

Hello all My kind and lovely readers!

Thank you for you patients, for the last month I spent a lot of time studying and figuring out what path I want to take for my blog and myself.  Recently I realized I just want to be myself and not follow any specific fashion category all the time. I am more of the kind of person who likes many things and cant keep a wardrobe with the same "look". So lets just say I will be following more of my own personal style and Japanese styles I find inspiration from, as well as feel most comfortable in. So I am excited for the future!!

Yokohama Fireworks!

this year was the second time going to this festival held in Yokohama. They have many stands set up and events. Also a big stage where people perform. May J performed later in the evening. This year it got even more crowded then last year, I guess it is because of her appearance. I think this fireworks festival is one of my favorites because of the nice atmosphere and also the neat music synchronized fireworks! My Husband and I went early to get a good spot so I don't have many pictures outside of fireworks but here are the photos I took !

May J ! live

 and while waiting for fireworks I ate this cute snack ^^

"take it easy" haha it is so cute


fire came from the stage!
neat illuminations !!
part of the ending fireworks

and to finish the night we went to eat!

cheese burger and BLT

Here is Purikura My Husband and I took before fireworks! (: I was wearing a yukata like dress (not an actual yukata) and My husband wore a Jinbei

Thank you for reading!! 

and for your Joy here is a picture of a crane machine with pastel gloomy Pandas! 



  1. I like those cute pastel pandas! I like purikuras too!! Haha! I always tag along my kareshi haha god thing he agrees to join me even if it's girly hahahaha! It' nice right?!

    1. haha yea my husband also it is so funny in clothing shops I am always saying isnt it cute and he just stands there clueless ... hahaha

      I wanted to win a panda but I would probably end up spending a lot trying to get it www.

      Thank you by the way! (:

  2. Wow~ It looks so fun! >u< I have actually never watched fireworks with people other than my family, so I really want to, some time in the future. c:
    The purikuras are so cute! >u<

  3. It's really exciting to hear you'll be following the styles you love more from now on! I can't wait to see what other cute styles you wear!
    Also I love the fireworks! I miss seeing the fireworks in Japan, especially over summer!
    Keep up the good work on your lovely blog ♥

  4. Man, I wish I had gone with you to this!! T-T next time Michi! <3

  5. Man, I should have gone with you guys to the fireworks show.. Next time Michi! <3