Monday, January 7, 2013

New Year Gal Meet Day One (4th only)

I was checking on facebook groups and such and I saw that steffi-san wanted to make a gyaru meet so I connected her with Kayo-san, who is good with making  gyaru meets and experienced ^^ and so we all met on the 4th and 5th ( I will post 5 separately because too many photos). I went both days as Steffi San and Ashi also did. 

Gyaru Meet January 4th

There was five of us we met in Shibuya.
nicole, me, anie, steffi san

First we went to a little cafe and we all got a drink I got a carmel late

Steffi san and me
Next, another gyaru was able to meet with us and we went to a restaurant, I ordered coffee, salad and pumpkin soup, most everyone else got omelets.
nicole san, steffi san, ashi san, me, anie san

with ashi san

my tasty pumpkin soup
next we went to a cafe that was realllly expensive so many extra fees and they would not let us pay separate so it was a bit >< inconvenient. We really enjoyed it though it was a lovely cafe.

the menu

Ashi san drink was glowing!

cup of pickled stuffs they gave us with drink
what I got

ashi san and anie got this, so cute
anie, ashi, me, nicole, and steffi san
Here is some puri we took the first day! ><!

with ashi san, she is pretty

with steffi san, she is so cute ><

Sorry that I am posting the next day separately just, too much photos for one post I think ><
Thanks for reading !

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  1. So cute Michi san .I really hope you will be in a Popteen magazine one day がんばれよ ~