Monday, March 11, 2013

Harajuku with Shani Chan (March 10)

Yesterday I met my `soul sister` shani chan. She is soo sweet and adorable. We decided to go to Harajuku later in the day it was really windy so we stuck mostly to indoor places.
Sorry somehow I did not take a pictures of the places.

Randomly throughout the day girls wanted to take pictures with us and recognized us from tv >< It was so adorable. Also somehow even random tourist seem to want to take our picture sometimes, it seems funny right?

Anyways, First of all, we went for puricura ; here is the photos

and we also decided to go to get a drink and sit in a little cafe to escape the cold wind. I got an Apple cinnomon drink with boba added into it.

finding seats in cafes in japan can be hard on the weekend... so we learned it is best to sit first! we were waiting for a while to get a seat. www.

After, we decided to go to La foret, Sadly the only picture I have there is of us in Etude House...

shani chan is always so cute !!!
Etude house is really good and the prices are not expensive. I bought this pack with two lip glosses and some orange blush because I had learned that orange blush suits my skin tone better then the light pink I use >< It was really cheap. The lip gloss rolls which is a bit different but it is really good it stays for a nice amount of time and is very pretty.

after Shani chan felt hungry so we went to eat and then we talked and took pictures inside of the restaurant together. Here is a few of them.

selca ><

Anyways, Thats all for now !! thank you for reading! 
have a lovely day !


  1. You are so pretty! Seriously dem eyessss *~*

    And I love Etude House cosmetics! Everything is cute about them!

    1. www as so sweet !

      yes it was my first time there >< There so cute but not super high price, I also like the quality of it. I think we spent like 15 minutes looking in there. www

  2. Gorgeous pictures! Both of you look awesome
    Please take more photos of Japan if you can, I think many of us wold lovee to see them :D